Tutorial – Make your own felt flower wall hanging

So I fell in love with these felt hearts from a British Designer named Lorna Syson. They are huge and are wall hangings.  She makes the most beautiful dahlia wall flowers. (Click the photo below to go to her site and see her amazing work).

The issue for me is simply the price. Roughly $500usd for the heart below and that’s before shipping. While they are amazing, I just couldn’t constitute spending $500 for a heart for my wall of hearts.  And a part of me liked the dahlia flowers more than the heart style she does.

Using Eco-Felt (the kind made from recycled plastic bottles) and hot glue, this project comes in under $10 (and that’s if you have to go buy a cheap hot glue gun and a bag of glue sticks). Felt is about 29c a sheet, and you need 8 sheets of felt.

Make your own version of this heart

This is the inspiration, at least one of them

Wool Wall Flower Dahlia by Lorna Syson

And this is the Dahlia I fell in love with from her site, but at a little over $1000 USD, I couldn't convince myself to do it.

So for this tutorial, I’m kind of combining the two ideas, the dahlia wall flower and the heart flower.  Mind you this is my first one I’ve ever made, so at the end I’ll give you some tips and pointers on what I would do differently the second go round as well.

You’re going to need:

  • Felt, For my heart I used 5 sheets of plum, 2 sheets of purple and 1 lilac
  • Glue (I chose hot glue for this but any quick tack glue would work)
  • old cereal box
  • scissors

How to make it:

1. Break the cereal box out flat. and fold down one of the creases that already exists.  Draw a 1/2 heart shape like you would have made in school. Then cut out.

Cut out a cardboard heart

Cut out a heart from thin cardboard I used a cereal box because I love Honey Bunches of Oats. It's the best lol.

2. Cut your sheets of the darkest felt color into 3rds then cut these into 3rds as well (so you end up with roughly 9 squares)  I forgot to take photos of the darker felt so the example images are from the lightest color felt in the next few photos.

Cut felt squares

Cut felt squares

3. Cut the corners off two sides of the squares as shown working it into a curved oval shape with 2 points (see picture below)

Cut off corners

Cut the corners of the squares off as shown here

4. Fold in the lower edges (pick which point of the oval shape is prettier and fold in the opposite end) and glue in place so you get a little cone shape that will look a bit like a calla lily. For the darkest color, you’re going to need 45 of these (approximately) For the medium color, you’re going to need 12-16 and the lightest color 9. (Though be sure to read the notes at the bottom for what I’d do different the 2nd time around)

This is the shape of the petal

This is what 1 petal will look like

5.  Begin gluing your petals to your heart starting at the center points. You could start anywhere, but marking the center is a good way to ensure that you get it even as you work around the shape.

glue a petal at the center top and bottom of the heart

glue a petal at the center top and bottom of the heart

6. Begin gluing the other petals for the first round following the curves of the heart shape. Glue at the top edge and alternate sides so that you get an equal amount of petals on each side.

Glue petals on following shape and alternating sides

Glue petals on following shape and alternating sides

7. Continue this process until you have completely gone around the heart 1 time.

One layer of petals complete

One layer of petals complete. See how they are glued kind of following the curve of the heart?

8. Now you’ll start your second layer of petals, gluing them ‘staggered’ between the spaces between the other petals.  Again, start at the centers then work your way around the shape alternating sides to ensure even placement.

Start the petals for the second round placing between the petals from the first round

Start the petals for the second round placing between the petals from the first round

9. Continue gluing them around until you have 2 layers of petals in place.

Two layers of petals, well on our way to done

Two layers of petals, well on our way to done

10. Continue this process with the other colors of felt, so that you have rounds of each color (I only did 1 round of each of the secondary colors in this heart, but again read the tips at the end, the first one is never great!)

Petals all glued in place and it's a finished heart

Here is the heart almost finished

11. As you can see, I got caught up in the moment and didn’t take photos of the secondary color layers (but it’s just as boring as the first color).  For the center, I made felt fringe and glued it in place.  Simply cut a strip of felt about 9″ long and then slice somewhat evenly to make fringe leaving it connected on one end. Then roll this felt fringe up and glue into the center of the heart.  I did 2 fringes for the heart.

Cut fringe from felt and roll to cover the center

Cut fringe, roll and glue in the center to cover the middle of the heart

Finished Dahlia inspired Heart shaped flower

And here's the finished heart

What I’d do differently the 2nd time around:

  1. I would vary the size of the petals between each row.  Starting with 3 1/2″ squares for the outer row and working my way down to 1 1/2 inch squares for the center.
  2. I would use my rotary cutter and ruler and cut the squares so that they were all perfectly the same size.
  3. I would increase the rows for the secondary colors so that there were 2 of each color.
  4. for the center, I would cut some small petals (3) and glue them together at the seams then glue the section into the center of the heart, rather than using the fringe.
  5. I would consider using circles more like the heart from the inspiration image rather than the dahlia petal shapes.
  6. I would use about twice as many petals as I did so that it would be a fuller flower.

Anyway….. It’s getting close to 4 in the morning and I’m sure my butt should be in bed so I’ll call it quits for tonight.  Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and if you make one I’d completely love to see it :)

Love –


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